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  • Save 20% on all drive up rates
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Save 20% on all drive up rates   No need to book   Available at all locations   Ticketless entry with licence plate recognition

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Enjoy easy access with license plate recognition, just drive in & drive out. If the gate does not automatically open at entry or exit, scan your QR code (in your account) to open the gate.


No need to book ahead or use strict early-bird parking restrictions. Simply drive in and out when you need and enjoy flate-rate parking 24/7.


Save 20% on all drive up rates. Automatic payment is linked to your registered credit card. Express members also receive exclusive rewards.

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Our Express members receive special deals and prizes plus 20% off all drive up rates.

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Ticketless Entry

World-class technology, premium customer service and top of the line equipment. We make parking effortless because our customers deserve the best. Don’t you?

Express makes use of state-of-the-art License Plate Recognition (LPR) access equipment that gives you access to all First Parking locations nationally. To enter the car park, it could not be easier, drive up to the boom gate, our cameras will read your number plate and let you. Simple!

To exit and pay it is as easy as driving your car to the exit, your number plate will be read, and your registered credit card will be charged. Job Done! The boom gate will magically open and you can exit the car park. Seamless!

If you need a receipt, we have that covered as well, we will email one to you, or log into your account to see your parking history.

In the event that the entry/exit boom gate doesn’t open on approach, don’t stress, we have you covered! Simply present your QR code to the terminal where it says ‘scan here’. Your QR code can be found on the dashboard of your account once you’ve logged in. Save your QR code to your Apple/Google wallet for easy access.

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Express Parking Rates

It is pretty simple – No calculator required here.

All registered users receive a 20% discount on the standard drive up rates.  You will also have access to special offers and discounts on an ongoing basis – exclusive to Express customers.

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