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Aiming To be Australia’s#1 Parking Disruptor

Traditionally, commercial leasing and building owners see car parking facilities as a separate revenue stream from the tenanted building. Its operation is outsourced to a car parking management contractor which has its own interests in mind. Car parks are promoted with early bird, off-peak and discounted all-day rates without a thought for your tenants. The result?

  • Clogged car parks filled with discounted, all-day parking
  • Unhappy short-term customers stressed to find a bay
  • Unhappy tenants with reduced foot traffic
  • Loss of tenant base for your building
  • Short-term rates are too expensive (as high as $85 over 4 hours or $30 for 1 hour parking!)
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Welcome to First Parking!

How It Works

Our Technology Support

Step 1

Complete vehicle registration at firstparking.com.au

Step 2

Seamless entry with license plate recognition or take a ticket to park, available at all First Parking locations.

Step 3

Pay with credit at the exit or sign up for monthly parking.

Step 4

No cash required at location, payment automatically deducted or pay with a credit card at machine

Step 5

Multi identification access control equipment with License Plate recognition , ticketed or QR code access options.

Step 6

Enter carpark through First Parking entry/exit boom gate with License Plate Recognition

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